The following projects were completed while doing business as Urban InSite, Durham, NC.

GoldenBelt Neighborhood Revitalization.pdf
Crest Street Zoning : Site Design.pdf

Due diligence, precise site design and excellent communication facilitates the site plan review and permitting process.

Successful neighborhood revitalization requires a transparent process, thorough research and analysis of the land use issues, a common vision and cooperation between stakeholders, and ongoing shepherding of the implementation phase.

The following projects were completed for O’Brien Atkins Associates, Durham, NC.

Planning that involves a highly desirable and contentious area benefits from a review of all previous planning efforts that are relevant to the site, and a comparative analysis of their features.

Reliable facilities planning dictates an exhaustive inventory of parcels and buildings, and their attributes. For large facilities that are spread over a county-wide area, GIS context maps provide insights that inform functional grouping and space planning.

This open space report makes the case for the use of conservation subdivision to augment, buffer and link open space corridors on a regional scale. Success depends upon the site selection taking into account existing green infrastructure; parcel ranking and priority; economic concerns; relevant land use policies; and smart growth principals.

How effective are open space plans as tools for conservation? This report reviews open space plans and their implementation in the Triangle area of North Carolina utilizing  a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques.

CoHousing communities are often excellent examples of ecological design. This report examines the Eno Commons community in Durham, NC: a passive solar, geothermal subdivision emphasizing ecological site design, healthy home features, universal accessibility and affordability.

Rapid suburban development is almost certain to have adverse effects, if not carefully planned for. In this case, a small historic mill town lies squarely in its path, with its environmental and cultural heritage at risk.

The following projects were completed during graduate studies in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UNC, Chapel Hill, NC.

Dorothea Dix Property - Review of Plans.pdf
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Eno Commons - Ecological Design.pdf
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